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About Nacho

Hi, I'm Nacho, an Interaction Designer based in London with background in Graphic and Web Design.

Design, technology and visual communication have always been my passions. I studied Graphic Design in Paris, and then ended up working as Web Designer.

In the last years I've been progressively integrating UX technics and methods to my designs until last year when I decided to dedicate all my energy to UX and taked the time to graduate in User Experience Design at General Assembly London campus. This allowed me not only to strengthen my design and research skills but also to experiment with all the methodologies embedded in the UX process, giving to me the tools to solve complex problems in the most efficient way. I want my designs to be simple, efficient and enjoyable empathy driven research.

I am a UX designer with a holistic approach who understand the importance of user centred design and empathy driven research in order to achieve business objectives and user expectations.
When I'm not learning new skills, I am taking pictures, traveling, cooking or socialising. I love to lose myself exploring new places and meeting different people.

I would love to work with a friendly team of people creating useful products in an agile environment.
If you feel like I could be what you’re looking for, Let’s talk!

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